2017.05.25 UP

English Based Program for Master will be started from Sep. 2018

We would like to announce to start English based graduate program for master from September 2018.

The newest addition to our graduate program is built upon the rich history of Waseda Architecture established in 1909. The Department of Architecture opens the door widely to international students and expects to flourish and grow together in a globalized world.

Each student belongs to the supervisor’s laboratory. Students take a coursework and participate in projects in real-world environment with other members of laboratory. The Department of Architecture offers the internship program and also the exchange program with other universities.

If you are interested in our program, do not hesitate to contact our "Admissions Office" and Supervisor.

Degree : Master of Architecture or Engineering

Supervisor and Research Area
Assoc. prof. Masaki Koiwa, Comparative Architectural History
Prof. Norihito Nakatani , Temporal Aspects for Architectural Expression
Prof. Nobuaki Furuya, Architecture and Space Concepts
Assoc. prof. Yuri Fujii, Architecture and Space Concepts
Assoc. prof. Taishi Watanabe, Architecture and Sociological Concepts
Assoc. prof. Keigo Kobayashi , Architectural Design and Information
Lecturer Takeshi Yamamura, Architectural Design Concepts
Prof. Takashi Ariga, Urban and Environmental Design
Prof. Tetsuya Yaguchi, Regenerative Design of the Built Environment
Prof. Yuji Hasemi, Safety Planning in Built Environments
Prof. Shin-ichi Tanabe, Architectural Environments
Prof. Hiroto Takaguchi, Environment Media
Prof. Toshiro Maeda, Continuum Mechanics

Admissions Office
E-Mail : graduate@sci.waseda.ac.jp
Nishi-Waseda Campus : 3-4-1 Okubo Shinjuku, Tokyo 169-8555, Japan

PDF can be downloaded from here!