2017.07.26 UP

Job-offering information

Waseda University will start New English-based Undergraduate Program in the School of Science and Engineering in April of 2018.

“Major in Mechanical Engineering” of the school of Creative Science and Engineering is an interdisciplinary program consists of the department of Modern Mechanical Engineering as a core, and Architecture and Industrial & Management Systems Engineering.

The program now is recruiting a post of Professor or Associate Professor in Architecutural field.

[Number of positions]
1 person

[Job type]
1. Professor(without tenure) or Associate Professor(without tenure)
  3 year contract. * At the end of this three-year period, taking into account such factors as education, research and work performance, the Professor(without tenure) or Associate Professor(without tenure) may be reappointed every two years. However, the combined period of tenure cannot exceed 10 years continuingly. * Regardless of job title if an employment contract with the university has existed at any time since April 1, 2013, the period of employment and the possibility of reappointment itself may differ from the above description.

[Research areas]
Architecture and Urban Planning, Design, and Environmental Engineering.
We have willingness to conduct the development of new research targets and methods in those related fields, as well as has ability to conduct and lead research projects with the experiment of having obtained research funds.

[Job details]
As undergraduate education, you will be responsible for some of the basic courses such as experiment, as well as advanced courses in ME major and supervision of graduate thesis. As graduate education, you will be responsible for advanced course and supervision of master's thesis. All the courses and supervision are provided in English. Japanese skill is mandatory to attend the faculty meetings. Management of undergraduate English degree program ME major is required. For other jobs, we will decide after consultation with Dean.

[Employment starting date]
April 1st, 2018 (negotiable depending on specific situation)

[Application period]
2017/08/31 Deadline for receipt
Please access the website below for more detail information.