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  • Waseda University Graduation Project Exhibition 2023″ will be held

Waseda University Graduation Project Exhibition 2023″ will be held

This is a machine translation of the Japanese announcement

Student volunteers who worked on the graduation design in 2022 are planning the following graduation design exhibition.
Everyone is encouraged to participate.

Below is from the student's prospectus
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++
This exhibition is an exhibition of graduation plans by volunteers from the Department of Architecture, Waseda University.
Waseda University's graduation plan is characterized by the requirement that all fourth-year students take this course as a compulsory subject and work in groups of three.

In recent years, various graduation exhibitions have been held all over the country. I would like to spread the message widely and lead to further development.

In conjunction with the exhibition, we will hold a public review meeting with guests on March 20th.
The review session will be published online in real time.
We hope that you will visit the exhibition and take a look at the online public review.

Graduation Project Exhibition 2023

〇 Venue: Waseda University Nishi-Waseda Campus No. 55 Building 1F Atrium
〇 Date: March 20 (Monday) to 25 (Saturday), 2023 10: 00-20: 00
〇 Admission fee: Free

〇Twitter: @wsotsuten2023
(Link: https://twitter.com/wsotsuten2023)

〇Instagram: @wsotsuten2023
(Lin: https://www.instagram.com/wsotsuten2023/?hl=ja)

〇Contact :w.sotsukeiten2022@gmail.com

Guest critique

〇 Date and time: March 20, 2023 (Monday) 14: 00-18: 00 (real-time online distribution)
〇Guest: Professor Yoshiharu Tsukamoto (Co-founder of Atelier One, Professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School)
     Shingo Masuda (co-chaired by Shingo Masuda and Katsunori Otsubo)

〇 Moderator: Professor Yoshiaki Miyamoto (Professor, Waseda University, Representative of Yoshiaki Miyamoto Architectural Design Office)

〇 Participation fee: Free
〇 Participation method: Details will be announced on Twitter, Instagram, etc.