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Class Mentor

Contact your class mentor or the Architecture Office if you have a trouble with the credits or class.

Class Mentor in 2023
Chairperson of Dep. Archtecure
Norihito NAKATANI(2022.9.21~2024.9.20)
1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
Graduate School
English Based Program

Recruit(For current students)

Information on employment is provided on the bulletin board of the Department of Architecture in Moodle (or CourseN@ve in 2020). If you have any other questions regarding employment, please contact the Liaison Office of the Department of Architecture or employment supporting faculty.

Employment supporting faculty in 2020 : Keigo KOBAYASHI


You can asscess our syllabus system to see the contents of our lectures. See syllabus for information on each lecture。

シラバス / Syllabus

Chose “Schl of Cre Sci/Eng” in school, and “Department of Architecture” in Course category for undergraduate school.
Chose “G.S. Cre Sci/Eng” in school, and “Major in Architecture” in Course category for graduate school.

Scholarship(For current students)

This list shows the scholarship just for the students of department of architecture.
We have many other scholarships for all waseda students and other general scholarships for students. These information is provided by the offce of scholarship.

Website of Waseda scholarship

Website of Japan Student Services Organization(JASSO)

「Scholarships for Master Students」
For example, Okuma scholarships is for Waseda students, and Murano scholarships is for the students of Waseda Architecture. And Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) has scholarships and student loan for all students. In either case, the students is decided by the selection process. However, including the additional calling, most of the applicants for the students loan will be finally adopted recently. Jasso students loan for master course may be exempt from full refund or half refund depending on the academic achievements and research achievements while enrolled in graduate school. In addition, we provide scholarships for architectural students such as the Kikutake scholarship to support exchange programs at overseas partner universities, and the Tsuruta scholarship to support outreach and competition participation overseas
「Scholarships for Doctoral Students」
The Waseda University has provided “scholarships for young doctoral students” for doctoral students who are 30 years old at the time of admission. All eligible applicants will receive ¥ 500,000. Doctoral students of the Department of Architecture can apply “Murano Scholarship” and Inoue Fellowship (for international students only). In the doctoral program, there are also systems to support research activities such as competitive scholarships and research funding. In addition, if the students are assigned as an assistant (with a period of 2 to 3 years), you will be paid salary and exempted from tuition (in that case, the on-campus scholarship will not apply). Kikutake scholarships to support exchange programs at partner universities, Tsuruta scholarships to support overseas research presentations and competitions, etc. are also applicable to the doctoral students.
「Scholarships for the international students in Doctoral course」
the international doctoral students can apply “scholarships for young doctoral students” and “Inoue Fellowship”. Inoue Fellowship is a scholarship targeting international students from Asia and other countries who are not not eligible for “scholarships for young doctoral students” due to their age. With these two scholarships, most of the international students who applied for internal scholarships in the doctoral program receive scholarships equal to or more than the tuition.

In addition to on-campus scholarships, the students can apply for various scholarships for international students outside the university. There are conditions for receiving scholarships both on-campus and off-campus As a general rule, on-campus scholarships do not apply to government-sponsored international students.
「Scholarships for the international students in Master course」
For international students enrolled in the master’s program, a number of general scholarships are available. In the case of admission in September, it is currently difficult to obtain an appropriate scholarship in the latter half of the first year and the first half of the year just before completion, but the Inoue Fellowship can be applied. International students can also apply for various scholarships for Waseda students.
「Scholarships for the international students in graduate school and course students, who have decided to enter Waseda」
There are almost no scholarships for course students. But international course students who have passed the graduate school entrance examination and have completed the admission procedure, can apply for the Inoue Fellowship regardless of your doctoral program or master’s program. For more details, please consult your research advisor.
「Murano Scholarship」
Togo Murano is one of the great architects of the twentieth century who graduated from the Department of Architecture, Waseda University in 1918 and designed many famous buildings in Japan. The Murano Scholarship is a scholarship unique to the Department of Architecture, which started after Togo Murano became a member of the Academy of Arts in 1954, and donated the compensation as a member of Academy to Waseda University.
「Inoue Fellowship」
Inoue Fellowship is a memorial scholarship for mainly an international student from Asian countries. Professor Inoue (1918-2009) who taught building equipment from 1953-1989 at Waseda University. The fund was raised in commemoration of retirement of Professor Inoue. A general upper limit is 1 million yen per person. Government-sponsored international students cannot apply. But if the students want to continue to study at Waseda University after completing the Government-sponsored program, the students can apply. As a general rule, the students cannot receive the scholarship together with other scholarships.
「Upper limitation of Scholarship」
In order to prevent a significant overlap of scholarships, on-campus scholarships have restrictions on concurrent payments. The students cannot receive two or more general scholarships for academic support above a certain level at the same time.
Scholarship Eligibility Number of Candidates Application Period
Kenchiku-Gaku (Kimura・Soyoda) Graduate student 2 May
Murano Scholarship Graduate student 6 May
Inoue Fellowship Doctoral students for Asian countries, etc 4 June
Kikutake Scholarship Exchange students from Waseda 4 May
Kenchiku-Gaku (Tsuruta) Graduate students who present their achievement abroad 4 Irregular