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Waseda University provides various types of study abroad program include double-degree programs, exchange programs with the partner universities (University wide Agreement, departmental agreement between undergraduate and graduate schools), ISA (Individual Study Abroad), TSA (Thematic Study Abroad), short-term programs, and other purposes of studying abroad. There are various options depending on the time period, countries and regions, selection status, and so on.
Graduate school of the department of architecture has departmental agreements with many overseas educational institutions that provide pioneering education in each country, such as Weimar Bauhaus Architectural University (Germany), Paris-La Villette Architectural University (France), Barcelona Architectural University (Spain), Ferrara University (Italy), and so on. We have a credit exchange program with these universities, so the students can study abroad for one year without extending the study period*. And many students
In addition, we have a graduate school double degree program with Taiwan University (Taiwan), and the students can earn two degrees from Waseda University and Taiwan University, if they meet certain requirements while they are studying.
Through such a variety of study abroad programs, we foster professionals who are involved in creative and innovative design and research design from a global perspective.

Study Abroad Program in Waseda
(Center for International Education)

Partner Institutions of Waseda
(International Office)

Partner Universities of Departmental Agreement(Agreements supported mainly by the faculty of the department of architecture)

Europe Institution
Spain Escola Tecnica Superior d’ Arquitectura de Barcelona
Germany Bauhaus U of Weimar
Germany Technische Universität Berlin
France Ecole d’Architecture de Paris la Villette
France Grenoble School of Architecture
Italy The U of Ferrara, The Faculty of Architecture
Italy Politecnico di Torino
Italy Università iuav di Venezia
Belgium Université libre de Bruxelles
Belgium Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
North America
China Yunnan University
China Hunan University
Republic of Korea Kyung Hee U, The Graduate School of Architecture
Taiwan National Taiwan University
Taiwan National Cheng Kung University
Vietnam Hue University, College of Science
Thailand Thammasat University