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  • 「ブルーインフラがつくる都市-東京港湾倉庫論-」展 のご案内

「ブルーインフラがつくる都市-東京港湾倉庫論-」展 のご案内



・会場:Re-SOHKO GALLERY(リソーコ ギャラリー)
    東京都港区港南3-4-27 第2東運ビル(WAREHOUSE Konan)1階

Why do we human beings live together?
There are various reasons, such as food stockpiling and energy sharing, but no matter for what reason, there are always warehouses behind human's settlement. With the development of civilization, warehouses distributed on the earth has been connected, creating cities appears in a way that can no longer be simply understood with geographical theories.
The port is the place where express it straightforward.
The port is filled with trading vessels and warehouses, and the construction of trading routes, wharf, cargo handling machines that to operate them has delineated the outline of the city on land.
Based on the twelve maritime trade routes of the international Tokyo Port, the location and shape of warehouses, as well as the role the port plays in the city, rest in conjunction with the port warehouses of other cities. Each warehouse and port is also controlled by the port of each other city.
Port warehouses stand on the critical line between the sea and the land. The time between when a warehouse receives and then distributes its cargo is what creates the economic space in a city, which in turn is the foundation of the populations’ living space.
In this exhibition, we refer to the meta-infrastructures such as the sea, trade route, bay, port, river, and the culvert collectively as "blue infrastructure". We propose the image of urban space created by blue infrastructure by using the warehouse as a guide.


「ブルーインフラがつくる都市 -東京港湾倉庫論-」展

■ 開催概要
・会場:Re-SOHKO GALLERY(リソーコ ギャラリー)
    東京都港区港南3-4-27 第2東運ビル(WAREHOUSE Konan)1階
・主催:Logistics Architecture(ロジスティクス・アーキテクチャ)研究会

■ トークイベント及びオープニングパーティ
・会場:Warehouse Market Tokyo「ENTREPOT(アントルポ)」
      東京都港区港南3-4-27 第2東運ビル(WAREHOUSE Konan) M2階
  18:30 モデレーター挨拶/
  18:35 トークイベント(対談)/
× 加藤耕一氏(建築史家・東京大学教授)
  19:30 オープニングパーティ
  21:30 閉会


■ お問い合わせ先
TEL:03-3209-2278 Email: watanabe.taishi.lab@gmail.com