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History of Waseda Architecture

The Department of Architecture, which was founded 100 years ago in 2010, is the first private Architectural educational institution in Japan. Based on the idea of developing building Arts and Engineering in civic society and the private sector, following the opening of the Advanced Preparatory Course in April 1909, classes in the Department of Architecture began in September 1910. At the time of opening, Koichi Sato, who is up-and-coming, was appointed by President Shigenobu Okuma and President Sanae Takada, and their efforts are being reported. It invited the engineer of Tokyo Tower, Tanaka Naito (structure), Shinichiro Okada (design), Chuta Ito (history of architecture), Wajiro Kon (design), and was inherited by early graduates such as Kenji Imai, Takeo Sato, and Koichiro Kimura. And those people had formed the school color.
Since its inception, we have expanded our educational policy, curriculum, and scope of activities in history, covering a wide range of fields such as drafting, design theory, structure, materials, building mechanics, construction, regulations, urban planning and so on.
We have a cross-sectional and cooperative attitude as well as mastering each specialty, and we are sending out many graduates who are widely active in society to the present day.

Year record

(Year) (Topics)
1882 Tokyo Senmon Gakko (Tokyo College) was established
1902 The institution was formally renamed Waseda University)
1908 School of Science and Engineering was established.
1909 Preparatory course of Architecture was started. Alumni was established.
1910 A class of the Department of Architecture was started
1911 Waseda Engineering school was established.
1913 First 11 graduates from the Department of Architecture, 16 graduates from Waseda Engineering school
1920 Under graduate and graduate school under the New university order
1925 Waseda University Library designed by Kenji IMAI.
1927 Waseda University Okuma Memorial Auditorium designed by Koichi SATO, Takeo SATO and so on.
1940 Research Institute of Science and Engineering
1949 Four-year college curricula established. First Science and Engineering Division / Second Science and Engineering Division
1951 Master’s degree programs started.
1951 Toumon Kenchiku-kai established.
1953 Doctor’s degree programs started.
(Year) (Topics)
1957 Naito Memorial Laboratory established
1967 Relocated to Okubo Campus (current Nishi-Waseda Campus).
1968 The department was renamed Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering, School of Science and Engineering. The evening division (the Second School of Science and Engineering) of the school was closed.
2000 Consistent six-year undergraduate and graduate program started.
2002 AO admission started.
2003 Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering established.
2007 Reorganized as Fundamental, Creative and Advanced Faculty of Science and Engineering.
2008 Certified by JABEE
2010 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering.
2018 English based graduate program started.

Award history by Waseda University’s Department of Architecture
Art Academy prize

(Year) (Name) (Name of Work)
1966 Kenji IMAI Touka Gakudo
1967 Takeo SATO Many years of achievements in improving architectural culture
1989 Shozo NAITO Setagaya Art Museum
1989 Yosiro IKEHARA Tokorozawa Campus, Waseda University
1990 Seizo SAKATA Salesian Boy’s Home
(Year) (Name) (Name of Work)
2003 Akira KURYU Byodouin Museum
2004 Tadanaka MIYAMOTO Matsumoto City Museum of Art
2008 Ryoji SUZUKI Konpira-Gu Project
2010 Nobuaki FURUYA Chino Cultural Complex

The MuranoTogo Prize

(Year) (Name) (Name of Work)
1989 Seizo SAKATA Salesian Boy’s Home
1991 Yasushi KIJIMA Kumamoto Prefectural Touryo High School/td>
2000 Hiroshi NAITO Makino Museum of Plants and People
2005 Ryoji SUZUKI Konpira-Gu Project
(Year) (Name) (Name of Work)
2006 Akira KURYU Nagasaki National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims
2007 Junji SUGA Takenaka Corporation Tokyo Main Office
2009 Masayuki IRIE Experimental Unit /masia2008

The Isoya Yoshida Prize

(Year) (Name) (Name of Work)
1978 Shozo UCHII Tokyo YMCA Nobeyama Kogen Canter
1983 Osamu ISHII* House of Makamiyama 8
1985 Osamu ISHIYAMA Izu no Choyachi Museum
1987 Atelier IRUKA Mima City Library (Former Waki Town Library)
(Year) (Name) (Name of Work)
1987 Tadanaga MIYAMAMOTO Obuse Town Landscape Plan
1989 Seizo SAKATA Salesian Boy’s Home
1993 Hiroshi NAITO Toba Sea-Folk Museum

Prize of AIJ (Architectural Institute of Japan)

(Year) (Category) (Name)   (Name of Work)
1971 Grand Prize Wajiro KON   A series of contributions to the study of modern social phenomena/Lifology and architectural planning
1972 Grand Prize Togo MURANO   Contributing to the architectural world through many years of outstanding architectural creation activities
1977 Grand Prize Kenji IMAI   Contribution to the architectural world by humanization of modern architecture-Poetic integration of writer research and writer activity
1987 Grand Prize Akira TSURUTA   Many years of contribution to the development of metallic structures
1990 Grand Prize Takuji KOBORI   A series of achievements in the development of earthquake engineering
1991 Grand Prize Uichi INOUE   Achievements that contributed to the development of building equipment
1995 Grand Prize Sukenobu TANI   Achievements that contributed to research on architectural structure and diffusion of building technology
2008 Grand Prize Toshio OJIMA   Contribution to the development of urban environmental engineering
1937 Research Paper Takeo SATO   Sound insulation effect of hollow wall
1938 Research Paper Masahumi ITO   Study on hygiene of elementary school buildings
1939 Research Paper Saburo SOYODA   Study on the prevention of decay of timber
1940 Research Paper Koichiro KIMURA   Study on lighting
1941 Research Paper Sadao KAWASHIMA   Study on sound transmission loss of double version
1942 Research Paper Akira TSURUTA   Workpieces of new special steelmaking for structure
1949 Research Paper Kazuo MINAMI   Research on tube foundation
1952 Research Paper Seiroku OTA   Research on Shinden-zukuri
1953 Architectural Design Togo MURANO Maruei Department Store
1955 Architectural Design Togo MURANO Memorial Cathedral for World Peace
1958 Research Paper Takuji KOBORI   Basic research on seismic engineering of building structure
1958 Technical Advice Yoshitaro TAKEUCHI   Study on improvement guidance for rural buildings
1959 Architectural Design Kenji IMAI Otaki Town Hall
1959 Architectural Design Takeo SATO Aasahikawa City Hall
1962 Architectural Design Kenji IMAI 26 Martyrs Museum
1962 Architectural Design Osamu YOSHIDA (Joint work) Oita prefectural government office
1962 Architectural Design Takamasa YOSHIZAKA Anne Francais school building
1962 Research Paper Yasutada WATANABE   Study on Japanese architectural production organization
1963 Architectural Design Kiyonori KIKUTAKE Izumo Grand Shrine Cho-no-ya
1964 1964 Olympic Special Uichi INOUE/Katsumi NAKAYAMA   Planning and supervision of the Olympic Yoyogi National Gymnasium and Komazawa Park
1964 Architectural Design Kimio YOKOYAMA Taisekiji
1964 Architectural Design Togo MURANO Nippon Life Hibiya Building
1965 Architectural Design Masachika ENDO Yamaguchi Bank head office
1966 Architectural Design Takanobu OTA Osaka Prefectural Youth Outdoor Activity Center
1967 Architectural Design Katsuo ANDO / Gengo MATSUI Waseda University Okubo Campus
1969 Expo 1970 Special Kiyonori KIKUTAKE / Toshio OJIAM   Layout of the core facilities of the Japan World Exposition (achievements)
1970 Architectural Design Shozo UCHII Sakuradai Court Village
1972 Research Paper Toshio OJIMA   Study on heat load characteristics of air conditioning equipment and its economic efficiency
1972 Research Paper Sakichi OGISHI   Study on rheological behavior of concrete
1972 Practical Achievement Nobumichi AKASHI   Empirical research on the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo
1973 Architectural Design Yoshiro IKEHARA Tokorozawa Ceremony Chapel and Ossuary
1973 Architectural Design Takeo SATO   Hokkaido Pioneer Memorial Hall
1975 Practical Achievement Takashi SHIMANUKI(Joint work)   High quality control and energy saving by computer control system of air conditioning equipment
1976 Architectural Design Yasutaka YAMAZAKI Zenkoji Annex Ganoji
1976 Architectural Design Nobuo HOZUMI Tanohata Junior High School and boarding house
1977 Architectural Design Seizo SAKATA Tokyo Metropolitan Yumenoshima Gymnasium
1977 Research Paper Takao WAKAMATSU   A study on smoke flow in buildings and its control design
1978 Research Paper Sukenobu TANI   A series of studies on the layout and restoring force characteristics of seismic elements
1978 Practical Achievement Masaya FUJIMOTO   Ibaraki Prefecture Rokubanike Complex and Kaigamihara Complex