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History of Waseda Architecture

Prize of AIJ (Architectural Institute of Japan)

(Year) (Category) (Name)   (Name of Work)
1980 Research Paper Takumi SATO   近世武士住宅に関する研究
1981 Architectural Design Tadanaga MIYAMOTO Nagano City Museum
1981 Architectural Design Team Zoo + Atelier Mobile Nago City Hall
1982 Research Paper Kenichi KIMURA   建築熱エネルギー計画に関する一連の研究
1982 Research Paper Yasushi TAMURA   工事計画および管理の体系化に関する一連の研究
1982 Research Paper Koichi TONUMA   人間尺度論を基礎においた居住環境計画に関する一連の研究
1983 Research Paper Hidetaka UNO   構法計画の要求条件に関する人間工学的手法の導入に関する研究
1983 Research Paper Kazuo NISHI   日本近世建築技術史に関する一連に研究
1984 Research Paper Yasuo TANAKA   板構造の性状に関する研究
1985 Architectural Design Yasushi KIJIMA Kyusendo Shinrinkan
1985 Practical Achievement Renishi TAKENAKA   日本の大工道具の系統的収集と公開
1985 Practical Achievement Iwao FUNABASHI   設計における省エネルギー技術の総合化手法の開発と実施
1986 Architectural Design Osamu ISHII   House of Mekamiyama 8
1987 Research Paper Yuji UEMATSU   建築空間論に関する研究
1987 Research Paper Yuji HASEMI   区画火災の数学モデルとフラッシュオーバーの物理的機構に関する研究
1989 Practical Achievement Ei-ichi MURAMATSU(Joint work)   大規模空気膜構造に関する一連の技術開発と東京ドームの実施
1990 Research Paper Masayuki IRIE   アントニオ・ガウディ・イ・コルネットに関する一連の研究
1991 Practical Achievement Kimiaki MINAI   OBP総合計画のプロジェクト・コーディネーション
1993 Architectural Design Hiroshi NAITO Toba sea-folk Museum
1993 Architectural Design Jiro MUROFUSI Daikin Eau De Ciel Tateshina Seminar house
1993 Architectural Design Masahiko UMESAKI(Joint work) NTS System Institute
1993 Research Paper Yukio TAMURA   建築構造物の風応答とその制御に関する研究
1993 Practical Achievement Yukihito AOYAGI(Joint work)   光が丘地区における大規模・高密度複合開発の先駆的共同開発事業に関する一連の業績
1993 Practical Achievement Gengo MATSUI   建築構造に関する研究・設計・技術指導の総合的業績
1994 Architectural Design Kunihiko HAYAKAWA A series of apartment houses including Yoga A Flat
1995 Architectural Design Osamu ISHIYAMA Rias Ark Museum
1995 Architectural Design Noriaki OKABE(Joint work) Kansai International Airport Terminal Building
1995 Research Paper Naruo KANO   建築工事における工程計画手法に関する一連の研究
1995 Research Paper Kimiaki MINAI(Joint work)   関西国際空港旅客ターミナルビルのプロジェクト推進と設計管理
1995 Research Paper Hisaya ISHINO   建築物の熱環境設計と空調システム設計における評価理論の研究
1996 Architectural Design Akira KURYU Uemura Naomi Memorial Museum
1997 Architectural Design Ryoji SUZUKI Sagishima Project Ring Experience in Material No.37
1997 Specific Contributions Yukio SANO(Joint work)   Development of Technologies for Realization of Izumo-Dome and Series of New-Facilities with Single-Membrane
1997 Specific Contributions Kiyoshi SAKURAI(Joint work)   Yebisu Garden Place
1999 Specific Contributions Akiyoshi YABUKI(Joint work)   The Continuous Activities of “Kominka Saisei Kobo (The Old Minka Restoration Workshop)”
1999 Research Theses Takuji HAMAMOTO   Study on Hydroelastic Responses of Ocean Shell and Large Floating Structures
1999 Research Theses Mitsuhiro UDAGAWA   Environmental Engineering Research on Solar Energy Use in Architecture
2000 Research Theses Shigeru SATO   A Collaborative Path to Sustainable Urban Improvement – Urban Block Prototypes and Consensus Building
2001 Research Theses Masanori SHUKUYA   Research on The Built Environment Conditioned by The Use of Natural Potentials
2001 Research Theses Yasutaka NAKAJIMA   Studies on Thermal Storage System in Equipment and Building by the method of Analytical Evaluation and Planning the performance of Thermal Storage
2001 Appreciation Hideki AZUMA   A contribution to enlighten the public about culture of architecture by writing novels and others for a decade
2002 Specific Contributions Mitsuhiko NAKAMURA(Joint Work)   The restoration of the Nikko Tamozawa Imperial Villa
2002 Specific Contributions Shozo BABA   Outstanding Contribution to the development, promotion and progress in architecture as editor and critic
2002 Specific Contributions Takeshi NAKAGAWA   International Contribution through the Restoration Works of Angkor Thom Bayon Temple Northern Library
2002 Research Theses Koichi IKEDA   Researches on the Air Environmental Problems in Non-Occupational Environments
2002 Research Theses Shin-ichi TANABE   Research on Thermal Comfort and Indoor Air Quality
2003 Specific Contributions Kazuo IWAMURA   A series of accomplishments regarding the research & development, implementations, and dissemination of the Environmentally Symbiotic Housing
2003 Research Theses Hitoshi TAKEDA   Study on Actual Measurement of Thermal Environment and Dynamic Simulation Methods
2003 Research Theses Akira TAKAKUSAGI   A Series of Studies on Maintenance and Management of Building Services
2003 Building Engineering Hiroki KAWAI(Joint work)   Invention and Realization of Damage-Control Structures
2004 Practical Achievement Yukihiro OMIKA / Mamoru SHIMAZU(Joint Work)   Achievements in Continuous Developments of Free-Plan Housing System by Super RC Frame Method
2005 Architectural Design Michio JINUSHI / Yoshiyuki YOSHIDA(Joint Work) PRADA BOUTIQUE AOYAMA
2005 Research Theses Haruhuko GOTO   A Series of Studies on the Endogenous Community Development based on the Regional Landscape
2005 Research Theses Kasuhiko KASAI   Study on Response Reduction Effect of Building Structure Having Added Stiffness and Damping Device
2006 Research Theses Kimiko KOHRI   A Series of Research on Building Indoor Climate and Environmental Design for Offices
2006 Research Theses Jun TANIMOTO   Urban Building Environment Theories on Modeling of Human-Environmental-Social Systems
2007 Architectural Design Nobuaki FURUYA Chino Cultural Complex
2007 Research Theses Hirozo ISHIKAWA   Studies on rain excluding construction of building envelopes
2007 Research Theses Hisashi GOTO   History of Domestic Architecture of Europe – Stone Culture versus Wood Culture
2008 Research Paper Yukio KOMATSU   Study on the Life Time Estimation of Buildings
2008 Building Engineering Koichi Banno(Joint work)   Development of the Management Method in the Physical Distribution of Construction Materials
2008 Building Engineering Satoshi OKADA(Joint work)   Research on Innovative Timber Construction Technology for Designing Flexible Spaces
2008 Specific Contributions Masaji ITO   The Establishment of the Theatre Consultant as a Professional and a Series of Works in the Field of Theatres and Halls
2008 Specific Contributions Yasuhiro WATANABE(Joint work)   reservation and Renovation of Kyudokaikan Hall & Kyudogakusha Dormitory
2009 Research Theses Toshie IWATA   Research on the evaluation of daylighting performance based on visual comfort
2010 Specific Contributions Masaru ONO・Hiroyuki SEKINO(Joint work)   Okuma Auditorium
2010 Practical Achievement Toru AJISAKA / Junji SUGA / Yasuharu KABE(Joint work)   Preservation and Revitalization of Meijiseimei-kan(MEIJIYASUDASEIMEI BUILDING BLOCK Redevelopment)
2010 Building Engineering Toshihiro KUSUNOKI(Joint work)   Structural Analysis and Strengthening Method of Toshodai-ji Kondo in the Heisei Restoration Project
2010 Research Theses Yoshiaki HISADA   A Series of Studies on Effective Methods for Simulating Broadband Strong Ground Motions and Their Applications
2012 Research Theses Kenichi KAWAGUCHI   Form Transformation and Stress Control of Lightweight Flexible Structures
2012 Research Theses Tsutomu SHIGEMURA   Studies on Community Based Disaster Reconstruction
2012 Architectural Design Masato ARAYA(Joint work)   MAKABE DENSHO-KAN
2012 Education Masanori SHUKUYA   A Series of Educational Activity on the Built-Environmental Systems to Be in Harmony with the Global Environmental System
2012 Education Masao MIURA   Practices of collaboration program with residents’ associations for safeand healthy town development
2013 Research Theses Satoru SADOHARA   A Series of Studies on Environment and Disaster Prevention for Sustainable City-Building
2013 Research Theses Masayuki NAGANO   A Series of Studies on Amplification Characteristics of Ground Motions and Elucidation of Seismic Behavior of Soil and Structures
2013 Research Theses Ryozo YANAGIDA   Study of Land Reclamation for Farm Settlements in the Modern Japanese Age
2013 Specific Contributions Tomotsune HONDA (Joint work)   The series of activities about the renovation of Koyaguchi elementary school as a preservation of regional heritage
2013 Specific Contributions Yoshiyuki YOSHIDA   Leading work for establishment, spread and advancement in performance-based fire safety design by way of creative practice into real architectures.
2014 Architectural Design Junji SUGA   Meiji Yasuda Life New Toyocho Building
2016 Research Theses Satoru IIZUKA   A Series of Studies on Practical Uses of Downscaling Simulation Techniques for Building and Urban Environmental Issues
2016 Research Theses Go IWASHITA   A Series of Studies on Assessment of Thermal and Air Environment based on Perception of Indoor Air Quality
2017 Research Theses Takashi AKIMOTO   Research on the Evaluation of Indoor Thermal-Air Environmental Characteristics of Occupied Space Air Conditioning Systems
2017 Building Engineering Hisaya ISHINO(Joint work)   Development of a Building Thermal Simulation Engine for Multilateral Evaluations
2017 Specific Contributions Shunsuke KURAKATA(Joint work)   Architectural Culture Encouragement by Osaka City’s ‘Living Architecture Museum Project’
2018 Book Norihito NAKATANI   Shifting Land, Shape of Living: Navigating the Boundaries of Plates
2018 Annual Architectural Design Commendation Yoshiaki AKASAKA(Joint work)   AUDIO TECHNICA HEADQUARTERS
2018 Annual Architectural Design Commendation Yasutaka YOSHIMURA   Fukumasu Base
2019 Annual Architectural Design Commendation Norihito NAKATANI(Joint work)   Warehouse of Time Preservation of the Commercial Bank of Honjo
2019 Grand Prize Kenichi KIMURA   Remarkable Accomplishments in Research and Education with Long-term International Activities on Architectural Environment Science and Building Energy Planning