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Classes in Department of Architecture

Architecture and Society1st Year

This subject is positioned as the starting point of the architectural education conducted at Waseda University. Architecture is a social entity, and architects and other people involved in architecture have a great impact on people and society by making living spaces and urban environments through architecture. The Department of Architecture at Waseda University has inherited the spirit of Waseda University’s founding, which is familiar with the architecture of the Okuma Auditorium, and has continued to this day. In this lecture, we will give an example of relatively familiar problems on how architects can fulfill their mission while interacting with society in various fields. It is also a valuable opportunity to directly listen to the lectures of the instructors who are active on the front lines of the architectural world.

Architectural Expression I1st year

As a first step into the world of architecture, the ability to accurately grasp three-dimensional objects is important. Here, we will touch on the tradition of Waseda architecture through observations and drawings of Waseda University Nishi-Waseda Campus, and cultivate a perspective to understand the historical spirits peculiar to the region through observations on an urban scale. In addition, the students will learn the basics of drawing methods such as floor plans, elevations, and projection drawings, and drawing methods using CAD through tracing typical buildings inside and outside the country.

Architectural Expression Ⅱ1st grade

Copying drawings, making models from drawings. It is based on a deep mastery of this basic act. Furthermore, the goal of the lesson is to grasp the three-dimensional shape. For this purpose, we conducted a lesson in the center of the trace of the essence the work of two predecessors, which have a wide range of international at the same time of “Waseda Architecture”. One is the Japan Pavilion at the Venice Biennale designed by Takamasa Yoshizaka, and the other is the Otaki Town Hall, which is the work of Kenji Imai. Learn various architectural expressions such as drawings, models, and CG using them as subjects.

Exercises in Architectural DesignA1st Year

Exercises on seeing (diagnosing / seeing), measuring (measuring / planning), and describing architecture / cities from the perspectives of architectural history / urban design / landscape as well as architectural design. Students are divided into studios (groups) for each faculty member, and a small number of design guidance is given on the same day as a general rule, and each studio is rotated every three weeks.