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  • 展覧会「早稲田建築 草創期の建築家展」開催のお知らせ

展覧会「早稲田建築 草創期の建築家展」開催のお知らせ

展覧会「早稲田建築 草創期の建築家展」を早稲田大学會津八一記念博物館で開催します。



(左)早大図書館新築設計図 断面図                       (中)早稲田大学會津八一記念博物館 1階ホール   (右)早稲田大学大隈記念講堂模型                   
   所蔵:早稲田大学キャンパス企画部              所蔵:會津八一記念博物館                製作:早稲田大学小岩正樹研究室



会期:2022年6月2日(木)〜7月15日(金)10:00-17:00 水曜日休館

場所:早稲田大学會津八一記念博物館 2階 グランドギャラリー



問い合わせ先:早稲田建築 草創期の建築家展 実行委員会 (古谷・藤井研究室内), 03-5286-3236


Waseda Architecture: The Architects of its Formative Years

“Waseda Architecture” is an umbrella term used to describe the architecture programs of Waseda University’s School of Science and Engineering, Second School (Evening Division), Engineering High School (Kogyo Koko), and Engineers School (Koshu Gakko; the predecessor of the Art and Architecture School) and the work produced from them. Waseda Architecture is also the name of the bulletin of the Alumni Association of Waseda Architecture, which is the umbrella organization of the alumni associations of these schools. This exhibition aims to provide an opportunity for us to look back over the genealogy of the architects of Waseda Architecture’s early days and the many people who have been touched by their teaching, reconfirm the role that Waseda Architecture played in the Japanese architecture world from the pre- to postwar period, and define our new objectives for the age ahead.

The main contents of the exhibition will consist of materials from the Tomon Architecture Library, Waseda Architecture Archives, and collections of other universities that illuminate the trajectories of Waseda Architecture’s early architects and educators, such as the Department of Architecture’s first head professor, Satow Koichi (1878–1941); professors Naito Tachu (1886–1970) and Kon Wajiro (1888–1973); and early graduates Murano Togo (1891–1984), Imai Kenji (1895–1987), and Satow Takeo (1899–1972), as well as of the collective group of individuals who followed in their wake. Also on display will be newly produced models of the buildings that these architects designed for Waseda’s campuses, which includes Imai Kenji’s former Waseda University Library, where the exhibition will be presented.



Exhibition Period:Thursday, 2 June – Friday, 15 July 2022 10:00-17:00 Closed Wednesdays

Venue:Aizu Museum 2F Grand Gallery

Admission Fees:Free

Co-sponsorship:Dep. of Architecture WASEDA University, Aizu Museum, ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF WASEDA ARCHITECTURE, Waseda Research Institute for Science and Engineering,

Contact:Waseda Architecture: The Architects of its Formative Years Executive Committee (Nobuaki Furuya +Yuri Fujii Laboratory), 03-5286-3236












Date:Saturday, 18 June  14:00-17:00

Venue:Okuma Auditorium

Application for on-site participation: Please apply using the reservation form below. (Deadline: 16 June)